UK 49s Lunchtime Results For Wednesday 09 November 2022

UK 49s Results

Scroll down and you can find the latest official results number drawn today. The most world-famous game, which is totally different from other standard games that are played all around the world.

This game does not have strict rules or regulations play. Each bookmaker has its own rules for the UK 49s game. Because of its unique style of playing it is not only famous in the UK but also in other countries of the world.

The good news for the players is that UK 49 results are drawn twice every day. You can double your income by trying your luck in both draws. The latest results are regularly published on this website. The first draw of the day is published at 12:49 pm daily, which is called lunchtime.

Teatime Results

Updated Lunchtime Results for Today:

07, 10, 12, 16, 34, 46 BOOSTER:33

Lunchtime Results History:

You can find 49s UK lunchtime results On this page. Update all the results just shortly after the announcement of winning numbers. Today’s lunchtime results along with the one-month history have been updated on this page. You can check today’s winner as well as yesterday’s winner.

What is the Time zone of the Lunchtime Results Draw?

UK 49’s: Limited introduces a lottery that operates two times every day. Participants can participate and try their luck two times each day.
Lunchtime Draw: The first draw of the day is held at noon at 12:49 PM(UK0 O’clock. This is also known as the UK 49s lunchtime draw.

The Game of Taking Chances:

In October 2015, organizers of the lunchtime result added 10 more Lottery Balls to ensure That a winning ticket is drawn for 1 million pounds daily. Participants have more chances than ever before in this huge amount after including these 10 more balls. This development is also very helpful for UK 49s lunchtime and UK  49s teatime results


If you are a foreigner then you can also play the lunchtime lottery online. Lunchtime results are a big opportunity for you to become a millionaire. Test your luck And get a chance to win a big prize.

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